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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Photo by @ciriljazbec / Thousands of migrants arrived to village...

Photo by @ciriljazbec / Thousands of migrants arrived to village Rigonce at Slovenian border late at night. They were crossing through the fields and were heading towards nearly located camp Bodovo. Along the way they were accompanied by police and military. Meanwhile the local residents were harvesting corn with combine. Despite the ongoing crisis and a huge number of migrants passing through their village, local farmers are trying to do their best to continue with their work.
In 9 days more than 66,000 thousands migrants entered Slovenia, which is an overwhelming number for small country with only 2,000,000 residents. At the request of Slovenia an extraordinary session is going to be held in the EU parliament today. 10 leaders from EU and Western Balkan are going to discuss on how to solve the migrant crisis.
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