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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Photo- @andy_bardon /// High in the Arctic National Wildlife...

Photo- @andy_bardon /// High in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, skier and adventurer @kitdski carries a survey grade GPS device to measure the summit elevations of the highest peaks in the range. We affectionately nicknamed this little device “E.T” on our trip, and while it did an amazing job of tracking our progress and elevation down to a centimeter, it added considerable weight and bulk to the backpack of @kitdski. Skis proved to be the most efficient way to travel in this rugged alpine terrain, and once we neared the tops of these mountains we were forced to use our crampons and ice tools to deal with the icy and windblown conditions. Our summit measurements were part of a broader project to help researchers measure the rate of glacial change in the region, and to help determine the impacts of climate change on this ecologically diverse area. /// Shot on assignment for @natgeo thanks to an Expeditions Council grant. Learn more 👉🏽 by natgeo

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