Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Aurora Borealis seen from United States of America: "Northern lights dance far above the moonlit clouds around 1:30 am on February 23, 2021 as seen from a Seattle-to-Anchorage redeye flight," writes photographer Todd Salat. [2000x1500] [OS]

https://bit.ly/3kKktbe via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kAgAWf

There I am again with my first deep sky object ever. I managed to get a way higher resolution due to different post processing methods. Couldn't be more happy

https://bit.ly/2Pqj4uO via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2OiM0UI

Pleiades and California nebula with faint interstellar dust surrounding them [OC]

https://bit.ly/2PrPftR via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3uMdqU4

M51 as seen in different wavelengths

https://bit.ly/3q8YGer via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3b7KSMY

“The Pelican Nebula in Red and Blue” by M. Petrasko, M. Evenden, U. Mishra (Insight Obs.)

https://bit.ly/306bAiK via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/30hL1Hv

Martian Surface captured by the Perseverance Rover.

https://bit.ly/37Xve4E via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3041sXE

Crosspost from r/pics by u/jewellbody | NROL-101 leaving the surface of the Earth

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Monday, March 1, 2021

The galaxy that is on a collision course with our own, Andromeda.

https://bit.ly/3sGq98R via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3bKNwXO

ngc772 spiral galaxy photographed by Hubble

https://bit.ly/3uJwHFu via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/305IJuE

Mars by Perseverance Rover, with Earth-like white balance. (gallery)

https://bit.ly/2OeT1G6 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3uNNCGQ

Lunar Surface

https://bit.ly/3bPIcCE via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/306kSuS

Curiosity Rover (MSL, 2011/ 2012) and Perseverance Rover side-by-side (image courtesy: NASA)

https://bit.ly/37YqMCG via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3rbWrIC

Antarctica seen from space

https://bit.ly/3q4F0s4 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3bV517Q

Super proud! My first ever take on a deep sky object and the Orion Nebula. Taken on a regular DSLR and mechanical tracker. [OC]

https://bit.ly/305M10U via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2ZZ4Enk

Cherry Blossoms and the Milky Way in Kawazu, Japan|By Takafumi Himeno [1280 x 853] COOLJAPANVIDEOS

https://bit.ly/3r1htJL via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kBU7b2

The Horsehead and the Flame Nebulae (Barnard 33)

https://bit.ly/3kxYW5k via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/37XltUf

The same shot of Dione and Saturn, but instead animated to show the parallax between the frames (Credits: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Space Science Institute, Cassini Imaging Team)

https://bit.ly/3kGjecX via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3bOl7Ah

Mars by Perseverance Rover

https://bit.ly/37Y9buu via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kwUkMX

Here's an Illustration I made of the Von Braun Wheel [OS]

https://bit.ly/2Mz5nZi via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2Ocilgc

Star trails with hyundai. [OC]

https://bit.ly/3q32RIE via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3bMOC5z

Wow i got my 4th Nasa APOD!

https://bit.ly/3kyZdF3 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kGu1UE

Hubble Snaps Breathtaking New Image of NGC 2336

https://bit.ly/3q2oSHh via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3r6WW6v


https://bit.ly/3r4IUm7 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kwGDNU

[OC] The Great Orion Nebula!

https://bit.ly/3sHlVxP via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2O8zkjl

Earthrise on Mars

https://bit.ly/2ObCAdE via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kvH4bo

Mars. Credit: NASA, JPL, Perseverance

https://bit.ly/3q6CZeR via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2MAASlV

Sunday, February 28, 2021

This photo of Earth was taken by a human

https://bit.ly/3dZqAXE via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2OdiuzH

Jupiter's moon Ganymede, the largest in the solar system ...

https://bit.ly/3b3inA0 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2MzTuCz

The Great Orion Nebula, taken from my backyard [OC]

https://bit.ly/3sG4y0n via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kvZ8lH

Hubble's view of "Black Eye" Galaxy

https://bit.ly/3r5NS1F via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/37YO9fk

The result of stacking several thousand pictures of the moon in RGB!

https://bit.ly/3uIBHdF via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2OcxP3v

This shot of Saturn & Dione

https://bit.ly/3bLoRT3 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3bRcSDs

Earth photographed by Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden on the way back home from the Moon in 1971

https://bit.ly/3uIKdZS via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3b4iKua

This photo I took of the Saturn V being projected onto the Washington Monument

https://bit.ly/3q4J6jE via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3dVJxe0

NGC 2818 taken by the Hubble Telescope

https://bit.ly/3dS8ert via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3b0eZ8M

This is Mars

https://go.nasa.gov/3q1soll via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3q5bL8p

IC410 - The Tadpoles Nebula [OC]

https://bit.ly/2ZYdRw7 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2Pgr0i1

Into the unknown

https://bit.ly/3dTV7WN via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2NOtbcb

The Dolphin On Jupiter

https://bit.ly/3uGTbH1 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2MyOn5B

Pale Blue Dot; an Artist’s Perspective.

https://bit.ly/3sBudag via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/37Vmzj0

The Pleiades and Mars 2/27/2021

https://bit.ly/2NExpU1 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3b0f10l

Animation of the Moon in 4K: from 59.7% to 97.2% in 6 days

https://bit.ly/3dUiuzG via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2O99dJe

The Moon: from 59.7% to 97.2% in 6 days

https://bit.ly/3b13iif via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2Pm2Liz

The Hourglass Nebula (MyCn-18)

https://bit.ly/3q5cKp0 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2ZZk3UQ

Earth from Apollo 11

https://bit.ly/3r6c8Ri via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/37UYLfl