Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Milkyway photo taken at Spiti Valley Himalayas India [1367 X 1367] [OC]

http://bit.ly/2RUFm4H via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EqzAFf

Planet Size Comparison [1980 x 3060]

http://bit.ly/2EpYEfk via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2RQXGvz

Voyager 2s view of Ariel, an Uranian moon, processed by Ted Stryk to reveal some features on the night side

http://bit.ly/2Chj73r via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CNqSiz

Jupiter in ultraviolet from Hubble

http://bit.ly/2ChyPvw via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CNOW4X

Monday, October 15, 2018

Jupiter in Ultraviolet from Hubble planet 🔭 [1280 x 1200]

https://go.nasa.gov/2Er3vgn via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2RQkThj

[OC] Arecibo Radio Telescope on a foggy morning. 15/Oct/2018. [4032 x 3024]

http://bit.ly/2QV78g5 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2AcblpX

Milky way vs transmission line vs mars (bottom left)

http://bit.ly/2QNluz0 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2AcxCEd

Milky Way over the pacific ocean in humboldt ca [OC] [6145x6568]OC

http://bit.ly/2QNlteq via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2AcxB37

Widefield Orion [OC][2048x1365]

http://bit.ly/2ChFrtK via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CLikZr

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station captured this photograph of part of Lake Van in Turkey, the largest soda or alkaline lake on Earth. [ 4928 x 3280 ]

http://bit.ly/2Epke3I via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2RSLevk

[OC] Took this picture through a child’s Discovery Kids telescope

http://bit.ly/2pVvJFU via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2NGM7nh

Milky Way over Maroon Bells at the first signs of fall. Aspen, CO [OC][1600x1176]

http://bit.ly/2pToqys via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2NGM4b5

Orion's Belt [ 1280 x 1017 ]

http://bit.ly/2IZEaJh via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2pRJK7C

Ring Nebula between the two outermost stars of the Lyra constellation. [OC] [5603 x 3579]

http://bit.ly/2Ab8eP3 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QOT33J

North America nebula (lack of) in infrared light [6800 x 6800]

https://go.nasa.gov/2yC7CjC via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2yjyMfH

M16: In and Around the Eagle Nebula - The Pillars of Creation can be seen in the center of the light blue region - [3595x2684]

https://go.nasa.gov/2IW9dpa via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2pVyN53

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Watching the SpaceX Falcon9 launch with our boxer puppy, Kona. Excited to have this featured as the NASA APOD yesterday! [2048x1638](OC)

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Planet Earth and the ISS: European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut Alexander Gerst "calibrates and operates the Sextant Navigation device that is testing emergency navigation methods such as stability and star sighting in microgravity for future Orion exploration missions." [5568 x 3712] [OS]

https://go.nasa.gov/2PttFQx via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2IWBMCP

[OC] I took a picture of the ISS next to the moon.

http://bit.ly/2J1q3TP via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Onnd12

European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut Alexander Gerst "calibrates and operates the Sextant Navigation device that is testing emergency navigation methods such as stability and star sighting in microgravity for future Orion exploration missions." Planet Earth photographed from the ISS [5568x3712][OS]

https://go.nasa.gov/2PttFQx via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2OY2Dnw

Falcon 9 Long exposure!

http://bit.ly/2PtwnFQ via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2P59rQx

Orion in Red and Blue [1500 x 1485]

https://go.nasa.gov/2PxPChH via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2OZPRF3

Falcon 9 launch

http://bit.ly/2IWhVDN via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2OoWOjy

Scientists are hunting for fifth force of nature

http://bit.ly/2Emy9HX via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2RTPZ7Q

The Orion Nebula [2966x2966] my second try

http://bit.ly/2P4E5tj via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2PyAK2k

Soyuz_TMA-1_at_the_ISS [3032 × 2008]

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Friday, October 12, 2018

My friend's first attempt at a panoramic astro photograph. Five photos stitched together, making this a 100MP image. — at Cape Schanck, Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

http://bit.ly/2OlANlz via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2yA4mFk

"Flying over the Pacific Ocean at night, this planet's place in the universe becomes pretty obvious," writes European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut Alexander Gerst on 10 October 2018. Outer space and Planet Earth photographed from the International Space Station. [5568 x 3712] [OS]

http://bit.ly/2CGnmXf via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CaFCa2

"Home": Composite image of my street and the milky way tracked from my front yard. [2048x1366]{OC]

http://bit.ly/2CFyrYx via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Cfz626

Milky Way over the Bowling Ball Beach in Northern California [4016x6016]

http://bit.ly/2CGOm8T via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CcDTBc

Star lit Utah sky [ 4000 X 5000 ] [OC]

http://bit.ly/2A7va1L via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2NEkGKS

A cosmic evening in Oregon [1620x931][OC][OS]

http://bit.ly/2QQh2Q7 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2A78dLW

Photo of Pluto taken by New Horizons - [1200x1200]

http://bit.ly/2OkRmhM via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2yzlwmG

Close-ups of SpaceX's TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher) in action during SAOCOM-1A

http://bit.ly/2OmIiZL via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2yzfAd7

Enceladus Hiding Little Brother Epimetheus [1018 x 1018]

https://go.nasa.gov/2QPFAJ1 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2A6RsRj

NGC 3576: The Statue of Liberty Nebula [564x373]

http://bit.ly/2A6Az9b via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QMIvSB

Apollo 4 unmanned mission lifts off from Kennedy Space Center marking the first use of the Saturn V rocket (November 9, 1967) [1387 × 3000]

http://bit.ly/2IUK3qM via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2pPzw7G

"Once a workhorse" - An image I took to try and show how our world is relative to the universe about us. [3118x4241] [OC]

http://bit.ly/2RKX5LO via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Eercsc

In this image from March 2, 2011, icebergs float in the milky lake at the foot of New Zealand’s Tasman Glacier after a large earthquake broke 30 million tons of ice from the glacier on Februar // False Color Image [2000 x 4000] earthobservatory.nasa.gov

http://bit.ly/2A6ht30 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QMvYP7

The Falcon 9 Nebula - [2400x1365]

https://go.nasa.gov/2EeyiNe via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2RLT7Tg