Saturday, May 15, 2021

The milk way and some mountains. via /r/spaceporn

Today's crescent moon in HDR via /r/spaceporn

Falling sky via /r/spaceporn

Milky Way and some mountains . via /r/spaceporn

Dusty Rho Ophiuchi via /r/spaceporn

Earth photographed on 10 May 2021 by the International Space Station External High Definition Camera. [4928 x 2768] via /r/spaceporn

I combined images taken over 3 months at the same point in the night sky to reveal this dusty feature known as the Witch's Head [OC] via /r/spaceporn

The ISS over Maracaibo, Venezuela. Astrophoto by me via /r/spaceporn

My first Jupiter of 2021! Also featuring Io & Europa via /r/spaceporn

Friday, May 14, 2021

M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy & Friends via /r/spaceporn

International Space Station, United States (U.S.) Destiny Laboratory Module: While orbiting above Earth on 3 May 2021, NASA Astronaut Megan McArthur cleans the inside of the Microgravity Science Glovebox. [5568x3712] via /r/spaceporn

The International Space Station just flew over my head!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ via /r/spaceporn

Starry night in the desert via /r/spaceporn

A picture of The Orion Nebula, captured from my suburban backyard. [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Milky Way from Cherry Springs State Park, shot from my S21 via /r/spaceporn

Galactic Core rising above the limestone tors of Kura Tฤwhiti (Castle Hill), NZ, where the final battle from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was filmed via /r/spaceporn

Milky Way above a historic bridge on the California coast via /r/spaceporn

This is Mars.This is a 1.5 km-diameter impact crater in Meridiani Planum. via /r/spaceporn

Saturn at dawn via /r/spaceporn

Messier 78 Great Reflection Nebula in Orion OC via /r/spaceporn

The Whale galaxy & Hockey Stick galaxy (NGC 4631 Group) via /r/spaceporn

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Triangulum Galaxy, Messier 33 via /r/spaceporn

Cassini captured Titan setting behind Saturn via /r/spaceporn

EAPOD May 12th 2021 | Solar Campfires | Giuseppe Conzo via /r/spaceporn

When the whole world are sleeping via /r/spaceporn

A 3D Map of the Universe Covers More Than 100 Million Light-Years | Credits: University of Hawaii at Manoa, astronomer Brent Tully via /r/spaceporn

NightMoon via /r/spaceporn

The James Webb space telescope fully open for the last time on Earth prior to launch on October 31st via /r/spaceporn

Markarian's Chain rising over Mt. Lassen, California with a 500mm lens [2051x3072][OC] via /r/spaceporn

ISS during its flyover last night as viewed through my 12" scope [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Stars in the Early Universe - This June 2020 image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows the galaxy cluster MACS J0416. via /r/spaceporn

The Cygnus loop - remains of an ancient exploded star via /r/spaceporn

I love how space is so beautiful and bizarre. Photo from NASA website via /r/spaceporn

We captured Messier 60 ,NGC 4660 and a Rare tidal filament from dark skies/ i could not find any amateur work on this filament OC via /r/spaceporn

I photographed the largest star-forming region in the local group, known as the tarantula nebula in true colour. Only viewable from the southern hemisphere, it forms part of the Large Magellanic Cloud which is a dwarf galaxy that orbits the Milkyway. via /r/spaceporn

We live inside an amazing clock via /r/spaceporn