Tuesday, January 26, 2021

My elaboration of a photo made by Hubble Space Telescope

https://bit.ly/3t34N6r via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2KUk60c

Earth May Be Surrounded by Hairy Dark Matter

https://bit.ly/2MrYXuC via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2YhP2dL

A snapshot of The Carina Nebula, one of the brightest and largest nebulae in the sky, taken from my backyard! [OC]

https://bit.ly/3c95G7E via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2MtcnXr

I waited till 4am to capture the Galactic Center and bioluminescence over Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. Milky way season 2021 already started! Wallpaper and complete version linked in the comments [OC]

https://bit.ly/2Mt4fpS via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3qTcoTb

My first share worthy capture of Orion Nebula taken just outside London

https://bit.ly/3qUtKPD via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3oj1qVr

NGC 3169: A galaxy in the constellation Sextans

https://bit.ly/3sYe93q via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3qPmlRy

Rosette Nebula aka Skull in narrowband

https://bit.ly/3sY6Pos via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3qUjeb7

New to this sub. Im Always looking fo places to post my space art. This one is of an Alien Planet i dreamed up. Hope y'all enjoy and hopefully it belongs here. Id like to think in this vast universe, a civilization like this exist outside our own.

https://bit.ly/3qRZaGq via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/36cLIVS

Took this picture through a telescope with my phone 2 hours ago when I was out with my stepfather.

https://bit.ly/3qU23GF via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/39hSBaf

New wall art of hand made copper "moonscapes" I got from a friend! So freakin cool!!

https://bit.ly/3ccTanv via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3t0S1p2

Orion and Running Man Nebula shot in Bortle 9 skies [OC]

https://bit.ly/3cccDVx via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3cfeZD8

Southern Cross over Chilean Volcano [3000 × 2016] | Image Credit & Copyright: Tomáš Slovinský

https://bit.ly/2M91Kcr via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3a5c5hw

My render of a Blackhole

https://bit.ly/3ce7vQA via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2KP9csu

NGC 1316: An Enormous Elliptical Galaxy

https://bit.ly/3a4VaeP via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/39k3qbW

orion nebula taken 1-23-21

https://bit.ly/2MmnIsa via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3pkGcYP

I wanted to capture the highest resolution night sky image ever shot from Craters of the Moon National Monument, the original image was over 1 billion pixels, and here’s the scaled version.

https://bit.ly/2MrMKWG via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2YeSSVd

A collection of images I took from my backyard over the last couple years!

https://bit.ly/2KVddvG via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ojADIA

Photographer Takes Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

https://bit.ly/3iUODrm via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3pkb2jX

Monday, January 25, 2021

I wanted to capture the highest resolution night sky image ever shot from Craters of the Moon National Monument, the original image was over 1 trillion pixels. Here’s the scaled version.

https://bit.ly/3cdbaOO via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2NFmOrz

The black hole named Cygnus X-1 formed when a large star caved in. This black hole pulls matter from the blue star beside it. Credits: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss

https://bit.ly/3pkdIyi via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3pkWLDJ

Jellyfish Nebula and SH2-249

https://bit.ly/2YbitON via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sVUy3V

City Lights of Sweden & Finland with an Aurora above the Earth's Horizon [ISS Image]

https://bit.ly/36cg5f8 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3cb5wN9

The Orion Nebula

https://bit.ly/3iN3fZD via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sWmKnd

This evening's Moon

https://bit.ly/3iLjPsK via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3aipzXt

Took this picture of Star trails about two weeks ago

https://bit.ly/3sTqB4t via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3iJEopA

A friend of mine took this photo of me standing in front of the milky way

https://bit.ly/3c4U7yi via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/39iQ3Ze

Purple rocks on Mars

https://bit.ly/2NCulHt via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3olnzCy

Surface of Asteroid Bennu

https://bit.ly/39eMl2U via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3a619Af

This illustration shows a stage in the predicted merger between our Milky Way galaxy and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, as it will unfold over the next several billion years. (Credit: NASA; ESA; Z. Levay and R. van der Marel, STScI; T. Hallas; and A. Mellinger)

https://bit.ly/3c41ZQC via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3qNt26Q

Titan [Saturn's Largest Moon] seas reflecting sunlight (Credit: NASA/JPL/Univ. Arizona/Univ. Idaho)

https://bit.ly/3ohazht via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/39dPEHy

Aurora Borealis over Finland in January 2021. Photographer: Aku Kankaanpää [1566 x 1158] [OS]

https://bit.ly/2M1pGOS via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3qPVGUR

took this photo in a really light-polluted place. after a lot of editing, I was able to get this result

https://bit.ly/2Y9NpyC via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sU5PBO

Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841

https://bit.ly/2LTebZW via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3pjWsJp

The Medulla Nebula Supernova Remnant

https://bit.ly/3ojOKxr via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3pewYNu

Taken in Punakaki 30 seconds from my Air BnB!

https://bit.ly/39crQDY via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3iNgSIf

Sunday, January 24, 2021

from r/space | Zoom on a doomed super-massive star on the brink of exploding as a supernova called Eta Carinae! (Credit: NASA, ESA et al)

https://bit.ly/3sSSKbV via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3peFuME

Bubble nebula, 7 light years away.

https://bit.ly/3ojgwdA via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sUTHAA

Moon Base Alnitak [OC]

https://bit.ly/3iPHWXp via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3olPW3K

Picture of the Elephant Trunk Nebula (IC 1396) from by backyard in AZ

https://bit.ly/2MkQfhI via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/39cQunT

One of my best night photos taken, had a 30 second exposure time

https://bit.ly/2Y8n44f via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3iPuToT

My attempt at Rosette Nebula a couple weeks ago. Only 2 hours of expsoure. My ISO was too high (1600 when it should have been 800) Unmodded DSLR, 300mm lens. Until next time.

https://bit.ly/3pjXy80 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ofaQ4f

M42 - The Orion Nebula [OC]

https://bit.ly/368YynW via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3c8YOXF

I photographed the Vela Supernova Remnant with an 8-hour exposure. It is the remains of a star that exploded 12,000 years ago and is 14 full moons across in the night sky.

https://bit.ly/2Y7KK8M via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3o8eME0

Space instalation

https://bit.ly/399WLRs via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3pechBv

More Space Engine because why not

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Got a moon lamp to bring some space home

https://bit.ly/2KKbHwj via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2KKbI3l

The bright lights of Osaka, Japan as seen from space (Credit: NASA Johnson)

https://bit.ly/3qMLWdZ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ckdPq3

A quick peek through the clouds of today's Soace-X Transporter-1 mission on a Falcon 9. 143 separate payloads in there.

https://bit.ly/3oepqJx via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/39d74nN

Starburst Galaxy from Hubble, named for its sparkling "starburst ring" where new stars are being born. (Additional Info In Comments) Credit: ESA/NASA

https://bit.ly/3689h1W via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3qRDn1J

NGC 1514 Crystal Ball Nebula

https://bit.ly/3pfTJk2 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2Y8So2J