Tuesday, May 31, 2022

JWST fan art [OC]

https://bit.ly/394gtRf via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3GAE48B

The Cat's Eye Nebula with its surroundings

https://bit.ly/3lWXXgJ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3NIrQx5

The Laguna Nebula, located approximately 4,000 light-years away (Image: Reproduction/NASA, ESA, Hubble; Processing & Copyright: Mehmet Hakan Özsaraç)

https://bit.ly/3NaRM4v via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3x3yo3H

hey everyone, here's a painting that I just finished. how do you like it? I think it's missing some details but I'm tired. (Aboogart)

https://bit.ly/3m1IHPA via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3t85xcg

Higher clouds in the jet stream casting shadows on the lower clouds on Jupiter

https://bit.ly/3abukoZ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3GAeBMs

here's another painting, I like this one better. A bit more nebular. (Aboogart)

https://bit.ly/3GBnMMT via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3GxvPdv

HDR Mineral Moon

https://bit.ly/3m2GWSh via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3adWRdT

Moon rising over the horizon

https://bit.ly/3m0DkQM via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3MZYV7E

Monday, May 30, 2022

The Rotation of the Earth[OC]

https://bit.ly/3lVNpy7 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3aamCeP

Monochrome Saturn

https://bit.ly/3Gvv9W5 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3z8c3U0

The Butterfly Nebula in Gas and Dust

https://bit.ly/3t7EAFH via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3LZZltA

4K looped render of black hole by me, 2022 (without spacestation)

https://bit.ly/3wZX7pF via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3PLKBlb

This page, is from one of my last works, and I really enjoyed drawing it!

https://bit.ly/3M1bxdl via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3t6446i

Rosetta Nebula/Skull Face

https://bit.ly/3GEPKaw via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3N4cS4t

This is a nebula composite image art piece that I made for my YouTube Logo.

https://bit.ly/3LZHuCQ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3wXX1i9

Nebula is Latin for Fog or Cloud. Murrindindi, Australia [OC] [3352x5041]

https://bit.ly/3GyQQEo via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3N3vFgr

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Poiple Moon/Aboogaboogaboo/2022 (painting) (OC)

https://bit.ly/3PMUrTH via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ajnJsK

Took this shot last night at Joshua Tree

https://bit.ly/3t4Jp2u via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3lVsMCd

here's what a clear night sky looks like through my pvs7 night vision biocular (gen 3)

https://bit.ly/3a5CeR4 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3MXZT4g

Procedurally Generated Gas Giant (Space Engine)

https://bit.ly/3z4707a via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3LZxj1g

Black hole - 4K animation by me, 2022

https://bit.ly/3PReLn5 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3wTryhb

Acrylic rendering of the Northern Lights

https://bit.ly/3GspMHb via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3z6w5yh

M45 The Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Subaru, Matariki, Kiymah

https://bit.ly/3NJ5sDA via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3lWMcqk

Tried Space photography on my phone, still need to learn a lot 😅

https://bit.ly/3LZ0KR4 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3LXeN9I

Saturday, May 28, 2022

I made this planet in Blender and photoshop today :)

https://bit.ly/3MWDFQ8 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3MWDGna

Eastern Veil Nebula Narrowband and Starless

https://bit.ly/3z3tiG2 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3NHa7pL

Pretty sure I caught STEVE last night!

https://bit.ly/3Gqs4Xj via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3t1ogGi

Orion stars system w Mt. Fuji seen from the shore of Lake Yamanaka 🗻 ✨ Photo cred : @ koike9023 Shooting date: 2022.1.4 Location: Lake Yamanashi Camera: Canon EOS 6D II Lens: Canon EF 16-35 → 16

https://bit.ly/3GqoQmF via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3Map2rv

The Whirlpool Galaxy

https://bit.ly/3LWtIRp via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3NJX8nl

Terminator Moon

https://bit.ly/3NCOYgk via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3amBU0d

Event horizon. Me, 3D, 2022

https://bit.ly/3MSErO6 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3wUWDzR

Galaxy Arp 194 by Hubble

https://bit.ly/3PNzmsk via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3MVMbyX

Hungary, Budapest II district, [OC]

https://bit.ly/3t4jVlL via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3MWmTAR

Hungary, Budapest II district, [OC]

https://bit.ly/3lPMD5J via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3a2X6Zd

Friday, May 27, 2022

I captured Milky Way with my Pixel from India .

https://bit.ly/3GqYXD2 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3Gr0RU6


https://bit.ly/3NbWPlr via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3PYjBPs

The planetary nebula M57 and its outer layers of Gas.

https://bit.ly/38MZ6EJ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3LSZQFK

[Meta] I just thought I'd bring attention to this Twitter account that I found this morning, I wasn't aware that my work was being shared there and thought others who post here should know, too

https://bit.ly/3GoD9In via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3PMpZsU

All four Galilean moons, Io, Callisto, Europa and Ganymede.

https://bit.ly/3Gobhnw via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3LUZDBV

M104 – The Sombrero Galaxy

https://bit.ly/3GtnRlt via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3a3mDkY

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Taking pictures of the stars with my son.

https://bit.ly/3Gw9q03 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3lOx4eL

The Milky Way Galaxy over an Ancient Bristlecone Pine (Picture Credit: Dr. Elliot McGucken)

https://bit.ly/38LyHak via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3wK3qw4

The Clown-Face Nebula aka The Eskimo Nebula.

https://bit.ly/3LUL94O via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3wPnZbI

I captured a 286 megapixel image of our sun this week using a special telescope. This is the most active I've ever seen it. Zoom in and check it out. Earth for Scale, explanation of features in the comments.

https://bit.ly/3yXZWZT via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sZhD7D

Crab Nebula, as Seen by Herschel and Hubble

https://bit.ly/3z26qab via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3wZrWLn

Marcella Giulia Pace's many colors of the Moon took 10 years to complete.

https://bit.ly/3wQ7ET8 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3Gpdije

The Ring Nebula by Hubble

https://bit.ly/3lMXzRO via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sZVhma