Saturday, May 28, 2022

Event horizon. Me, 3D, 2022 via /r/spaceporn

Galaxy Arp 194 by Hubble via /r/spaceporn

Hungary, Budapest II district, [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Hungary, Budapest II district, [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Friday, May 27, 2022

I captured Milky Way with my Pixel from India . via /r/spaceporn

Arcturus. via /r/spaceporn

The planetary nebula M57 and its outer layers of Gas. via /r/spaceporn

[Meta] I just thought I'd bring attention to this Twitter account that I found this morning, I wasn't aware that my work was being shared there and thought others who post here should know, too via /r/spaceporn

All four Galilean moons, Io, Callisto, Europa and Ganymede. via /r/spaceporn

M104 – The Sombrero Galaxy via /r/spaceporn

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Taking pictures of the stars with my son. via /r/spaceporn

The Milky Way Galaxy over an Ancient Bristlecone Pine (Picture Credit: Dr. Elliot McGucken) via /r/spaceporn

The Clown-Face Nebula aka The Eskimo Nebula. via /r/spaceporn

I captured a 286 megapixel image of our sun this week using a special telescope. This is the most active I've ever seen it. Zoom in and check it out. Earth for Scale, explanation of features in the comments. via /r/spaceporn

Crab Nebula, as Seen by Herschel and Hubble via /r/spaceporn

Marcella Giulia Pace's many colors of the Moon took 10 years to complete. via /r/spaceporn

The Ring Nebula by Hubble via /r/spaceporn

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

My Lunar Eclipse Pic - captured using cell phone looking though telescope eye piece via /r/spaceporn

A Milky Way Panorama in the US Southwest! via /r/spaceporn

EarthPorn said this is supposed to go here instead. My first decent moon shot! [OC] [4356×3267] via /r/spaceporn

1.4 Million observations from Hubble combined into one via /r/spaceporn

2022 Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse via /r/spaceporn

AI model that generates galaxies based on Hubble images via /r/spaceporn

[OC] [UPDATE] A few days ago I got some great Feedback from you guys and now this is the result. I adjusted the planet sizes and some more small details. Let me know what you think. :). Like the last time, I'll provide a download link. via /r/spaceporn

Monday, May 23, 2022

A fluid acrylic rendering like of the moons surface via /r/spaceporn

The Dumbbell Nebula aka the Apple Core Nebula (NGC 6853). The nebula has one of the largest known white dwarf at its centre and is visible with most amateur telescopes. Credit Jim Mazur via /r/spaceporn

I have always had this fascination with space. as a kid I made cardboard box rocket ships. this piece is inspired by that. via /r/spaceporn

Picture of the moon I got at Lowell Observatory in Arizona! via /r/spaceporn

Nebula of a Warrior (Orion) via /r/spaceporn

Lunar via /r/spaceporn

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Martian surface frost, made up largely of carbon dioxide, appears blueish-white in these images from the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) camera aboard NASA's 2001 Odyssey orbiter. via /r/spaceporn

The Sun in H alpha (left) and visible light (right) by Alan Friedman via /r/spaceporn

Arp 147 is an interacting pair of galaxies, a spiral galaxy (right) and an elliptical galaxy (left), that appear to mark the number 10. It is about 115,000 light-years across and lies some 430 million light-years away in the constellation Cetus. via /r/spaceporn

One of my favorite shots. I call it "Lone tree under the stars" via /r/spaceporn

Moon dressed as Saturn via /r/spaceporn

Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex. My first real experience with tracker via /r/spaceporn

The best of my astrophotos, all images captured and composited by me via /r/spaceporn

The Boeing Starliner comparison image. via /r/spaceporn

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Jupiter and Io's shadow this morning via /r/spaceporn

“The Milky Way” One of my favorite space inspired acrylic paintings I’ve made via /r/spaceporn

This morning I finally got to see Saturn again via /r/spaceporn

AR3014 is one of the largest sunspots in years. Stretching more than 125,000 km from end to end, that is almost 10 times our planet diameter. (Credit: Maximilian Teodorescu) via /r/spaceporn

here are a couple of planets that I painted yesterday✌🏻 via /r/spaceporn

Boeing Starliner on the docking process. Only 208m from the ISS. Manual tracking from UK via /r/spaceporn