Tuesday, August 31, 2021

View of planet Earth from China's new space station.

https://bit.ly/2WDU2fo via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3jxCLxn

Venus and the zodiacal light with Andromeda Galaxy visible above and to the right of Venus.

https://bit.ly/2WHVihN via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3BudfiF

I've been looking for this for ages and it is exactly what I wanted!!

https://bit.ly/2YgqtRO via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3yAXVyR

My first render in Blender. I'm testing rendering techniques for several upcoming Mars settlement videos (turn on audio, info in comments)

https://bit.ly/3kEpm5P via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3zBjYGO

Took this lastnight with a new lens. Modified it to work as a wallpaper for my phone.

https://bit.ly/3zAkqFx via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WzA3Pl

Moon rise from the Earth.

https://bit.ly/3mOE64R via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3zxJRaM

The Veil Nebula from my backyard with a DSLR [OC]

https://bit.ly/3mMmxCn via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3jyR0li

I used an 11” telescope to make this capture: Saturn with a few of it’s moons!

https://bit.ly/3BveWw6 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WHcSSz

Another amazing shot of Doradus Nebula by Hubble, 7th April 2013

https://bit.ly/3t0LA5Z via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3jy3qdk

wish i was in this rocket i painted

https://bit.ly/3mOVk23 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3DvY2zo

Comet Hale-Bopp makes a spectacular appearance above Cheops, the Great Pyramid in 1997; credits by John Goldsmith

https://bit.ly/2Y4bREU via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kKjMz7

For Dark Background Lovers

https://bit.ly/3jsWA94 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3yzrwst

Milky Way Over a Campfire in Northern Utah

https://bit.ly/2WJVE7s via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2V5LQEe

The Milky Way Rising Above a Lake and Forest in Northern Utah

https://bit.ly/3mPeXHo via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WzRz62

Lagoon Nebula shot by Hubble, 12th February 2018.

https://bit.ly/3zARvkz via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3zAiCMw

Milky-Way Reflections in the Southern Hemisphere; the Galactic Kiwi Standing on the Mountain Top [OC]

https://bit.ly/2WFVE8v via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WJv1Q2

Glittering️lights of northern Africa. Amazing photo taken by Chinese Shenzhou 12 crew in orbit. Taken by Chinese taikonaut Tang Hongbo

https://bit.ly/3sXBTFm via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/38ycXdX

Monday, August 30, 2021

Our Sublime Solar System

https://bit.ly/3BulqLE via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3zIArZO

Pixel 3a [OC]

https://bit.ly/3t8xdN2 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3jw97Zg

Watercolor of the European Southern Observatory (aka “NASA eating the moon”)

https://bit.ly/3yugxR7 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3kAjSsV

It's a crazy world out there

https://bit.ly/3zvo97l via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WDm5vI

Dramatically backlit dust in giant galaxy NGC 7049. Data from Hubble, processed by me.

https://bit.ly/3DFn5QP via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3jrdGUL

Pictures of the eye of hurricane ida taken from space

https://bit.ly/38mUIbs via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/38pXtJ8

Doradus Nebula shot by Hubble, 25th October 2009.

https://bit.ly/3Bqr7KQ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WE3BdW

Messier 13 - The Hercules Globular Cluster

https://bit.ly/3mKCR6L via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3zv5fgM

Light Echo Expanding from a Supernova (SN 2014J)

https://bit.ly/3jpFZ5Z via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/38lJbJu

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Acrylic epoxy resin pour nebula with 6 beautiful layers, OC

https://bit.ly/3gEwf67 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3gGeS4Y

I'll change you a night out for a night at the planetarium 🌌❤️

https://bit.ly/3Bssitf via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3jt6LdS

Milky Way Reflecting in a Lake in Northern Utah

https://bit.ly/3DwwbyS via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sYoJb3

MyCn 18: The Engraved Hourglass Planetary Nebula / Credits: NASA, ESA, Hubble

https://bit.ly/3gL8DwK via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2UVDMFQ

My Pixel phone photo of the night sky

https://bit.ly/3Bp6GxG via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ysc7di

Star « Eta Carinae » Gigantic Outburst / Credits: Hubble, Jon Morse - University of Colorado - NASA

https://bit.ly/3sYeYKb via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ytPy82

Perseid meteor shower 2021

https://bit.ly/38mhkbY via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WtYvB8

Edited picture of the stars with my phone :)

https://bit.ly/3jtt6Id via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3mHTyQc

A Thought before we go

https://bit.ly/3gIrCrs via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3ysvGT5

Dawn Aerospace prototype spaceplane

https://bit.ly/3sUHHiZ via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3yt8rrZ

Went out on the last day of the perseids and it was worth it. Milky-way and a perseid (Canon eos r, 50mm, f1.8, 8sec, 2000iso)

https://bit.ly/38piCD6 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3BosFEY

Thomas Pesquet in the Cupola, photographed through the Russian segment!

https://bit.ly/2WCyJer via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WtCxhE

Hey everyone how’s my drawing of Astronaut Pikachu. Made it with markers.

https://bit.ly/3DqEvjL via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2Wz4fcG

I caught Io transiting Jupiter this morning through my backyard scope!

https://bit.ly/3kyfiLB via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3BpTfNU

Took this picture last night (Gorges du Tarn, France)

https://bit.ly/3DshbC9 via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sXq6GZ

Milky Way and Jupiter, from the clear skies above the observatory of Monteromano (Italy)

https://bit.ly/3sURENf via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3sUoyNU

Taken half a mile from my house (OC)

https://bit.ly/3BmoqKi via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3yrpE4T

took this star trail pic last night with my phone(s21u). used exterior app to make a tail.

https://bit.ly/3Du2T4f via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/2WryIcN

Night sky

https://bit.ly/2WzK7aT via /r/spaceporn https://bit.ly/3zrQTOa