Friday, April 30, 2021

I've been working one week to make this ultra high-definition 80 MPx picture of the Moon that required 85,000 snapshots from two nights of observation (zoom in!) via /r/spaceporn

Since Comet 67P is trending, here's another one. via /r/spaceporn

YELLOW galaxy | GIF Loop by Xponentialdesign via /r/spaceporn

I made this glitch art based on one of the Apollo 11 photos that are in the public domain. Im obsessed with all of those photos. via /r/spaceporn

Super Moon from Latvia,Liepaja via /r/spaceporn

Surface of Comet 67P via /r/spaceporn

The Eagle Nebula’s (M16) “Pillars of Creation” | Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) | Near-infrared via /r/spaceporn

Ingenuity's Shadow During Third Flight via /r/spaceporn

"Light Echo" Illuminates Dust Around Supergiant Star V838 Monocerotis (V838 Mon) via /r/spaceporn

The sun erupted with an X1.7-class solar flare on May 12, 2013. This is a blend of two images of the flare from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory via /r/spaceporn

Touching the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. via /r/spaceporn

SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour Approaching the Station via /r/spaceporn

China launches first module of their new space station. via /r/spaceporn

Apollo 11, by me, in the memory of Michael Collins via /r/spaceporn

Another shot of the Long March 5 rocket launch carrying their first piece of their space station. via /r/spaceporn

Rocket leaving earth via /r/spaceporn

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Reletive size in the sky of Jupiter and Eskimo Nebula via /r/spaceporn

Andromeda Galaxy captured from light polluted Pittsburgh, PA skies can still reveal amazing detail [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Enhanced Stare into the Void | GIF Loop by Xponentialdesign [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Navigating Smoothly Trough the Galaxies | GIF Loop by Xponentialdesign [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Pluto & Charon binary (16K 16:9), images taken by New Horizons via /r/spaceporn

Space X launch from the Indian river-Florida via /r/spaceporn

Protoplasmic Fantasy - Space inspired digital art by me via /r/spaceporn

Curiosity’s shot of blue sunset at mars. via /r/spaceporn

An image of Antarctica taken by NASA's Aqua satellite via /r/spaceporn

Beautiful Desert Starry Sky [OC] via /r/spaceporn

The first earthrise photography, taken by Bill Anders in 1968, digitally restored by the "Earth Restored" project (link in comments). via /r/spaceporn

Best Pic of The Moon I've Taken To Date via /r/spaceporn

Pink supermoon from my camera via /r/spaceporn

The Sombrero Galaxy | M104 | NGC 4594 via /r/spaceporn

Crab Nebula (SN 1054), one of the prettiest in my opinion. via /r/spaceporn

Michael Collins takes a selfie inside the spacecraft during the Gemini-10 mission (18 July 1966) via /r/spaceporn

The ISS flying over Jones Lake, B.C. (OC) via /r/spaceporn

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Earth Restored – Only 24 people have journeyed far enough to see the whole Earth against the black of space. Here is a selection of the most beautiful photographs of Earth — iconic images and unknown gems — digitally restored to their full glory. via /r/spaceporn

Super moon photographed from ISS via /r/spaceporn

#EAPOD 29th April 2021 | The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) | Cristina Cellini via /r/spaceporn

The Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33) via /r/spaceporn

Carina Nebula (AKA: Mystic Mountain) via /r/spaceporn

north america nebula unmodded and untracked via /r/spaceporn

"Super Moon" viewed from the ISS. Looking very visible. Image by NASA via /r/spaceporn

Like a diamond ring via /r/spaceporn

Earth via /r/spaceporn

Sun and Sunspots. via /r/spaceporn

A pink supermoon composite on ocean. via /r/spaceporn

"The Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft is seen as it lands in a remote area near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan" on 17 April 2021. Photographer: Bill Ingalls, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) [2400x2225][OS] via /r/spaceporn

Vela SNR Hubble Palette via /r/spaceporn

Kepler-69c, a super-Earth. It is about 6 Earth mass, and has a radius of 1.71 Earth radii. It orbits the sun-like star Kepler-69 every 242 days, putting it in the inner habitable zone, very similar to that of Venus's orbital period in our solar system. [4000 x 2251] (Credit:NASA/Ames/JPL) via /r/spaceporn

2 days before launch of the @SpaceX resupply mission to the @Space_Station , via /r/spaceporn

M51 Galaxy- Credit: MauroSky on Astrobin via /r/spaceporn

Perseverance spotted by Ingenuity via /r/spaceporn