Sunday, February 28, 2021

This photo of Earth was taken by a human via /r/spaceporn

Jupiter's moon Ganymede, the largest in the solar system ... via /r/spaceporn

The Great Orion Nebula, taken from my backyard [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Hubble's view of "Black Eye" Galaxy via /r/spaceporn

The result of stacking several thousand pictures of the moon in RGB! via /r/spaceporn

This shot of Saturn & Dione via /r/spaceporn

Earth photographed by Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden on the way back home from the Moon in 1971 via /r/spaceporn

This photo I took of the Saturn V being projected onto the Washington Monument via /r/spaceporn

NGC 2818 taken by the Hubble Telescope via /r/spaceporn

This is Mars via /r/spaceporn

IC410 - The Tadpoles Nebula [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Into the unknown via /r/spaceporn

The Dolphin On Jupiter via /r/spaceporn

Pale Blue Dot; an Artist’s Perspective. via /r/spaceporn

The Pleiades and Mars 2/27/2021 via /r/spaceporn

Animation of the Moon in 4K: from 59.7% to 97.2% in 6 days via /r/spaceporn

The Moon: from 59.7% to 97.2% in 6 days via /r/spaceporn

The Hourglass Nebula (MyCn-18) via /r/spaceporn

Earth from Apollo 11 via /r/spaceporn

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Got some great pictures of the moon tonight.. First time I've ever caught a plane as well! 2-27-21. Chicago area via /r/spaceporn

Messed around with the flash on my camera, somehow got this! Pretty proud of it ngl via /r/spaceporn

Space-pupil , ink and acrylic via /r/spaceporn

Yesterday's Full Moon via /r/spaceporn

First time capturing the Full Moon, 27/02 , from Uruguay, South America via /r/spaceporn

Our moon with Jupiter and its moons. via /r/spaceporn

My kid thought my /Harley post belonged here too! Finally got my bike up to my rocket scientist nerd specs. Custom tank paint with nebulae and Juno image of Jupiter. via /r/spaceporn

Clouds on Mars via /r/spaceporn

Swirling clouds and hazy streaks in Jupiter’s northern region, viewed from 15,610 miles away. via /r/spaceporn

Bloodmoon in the UK, just took this ! via /r/spaceporn

Full moon with some cloud cover. via /r/spaceporn

I captured a meteor burning up via /r/spaceporn

Hurricane Irma as seen from the international space station - GIF (Credit Nasa) via /r/spaceporn

BOSCO (Background Oriented Schlieren using Celestial Objects) imaging of T-38C, moving at supersonic speed, travelling between the Sun and a telescope equipped with calcium K filter. (September 2015, NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, California) via /r/spaceporn

The first full moon I’ve been able to shoot since October of last year. via /r/spaceporn

2001: A space odyssey via /r/spaceporn

Last night's full moon taken with Nikon Coolpix P950. Program mode, 2000 mm equivalent. via /r/spaceporn

Indian night sky via /r/spaceporn

The full moon tonight from my backyard via /r/spaceporn

Friday, February 26, 2021

Nothing too special here, just the starts between some trees in my backyard! Taken with my phone! via /r/spaceporn

Photo taken from the mountains, on the right you can see the pleiades cluster! Taken with my Phone! via /r/spaceporn

I tried to colorize NASA's Parker Solar Probe's image of Venus. (taken in July 2020 during the flyby) via /r/spaceporn

This looks sick via /r/spaceporn

Nothing too special here just lots of stars! Taken via my phone from my backyard! via /r/spaceporn

Cross your eyes and the Bullet Cluster is 3d. via /r/spaceporn

Copernicus Crater on the moon through my telescope via /r/spaceporn

Tried to get Carina from my driveway via /r/spaceporn

Moon pic taken tonight in the uk using a telescope! via /r/spaceporn

This one is called “Shine” inspired by beautiful deep space nebula, OC via /r/spaceporn

Clouds on Jupiter via /r/spaceporn

Even though I've been painting murals of the night sky for over 20 years... it still never gets old. From my first "real" night sky (at 8 years old) until now... the night sky still stops me in my tracks and I stand there in awe. I do my best to capture the real thing! OS, OC via /r/spaceporn