Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Super Massive, Eta Carinae via /r/spaceporn

Cygnus rising over a silo in southern Alberta, Canada [OC] via /r/spaceporn

New oil nebula! These look much different than the ones I completed before but I still love them, OC via /r/spaceporn

Activity in Jezero Crater, Mars via /r/spaceporn

This is an image of the space shuttle as it departs from our atmosphere, taken from space by NASA. via /r/spaceporn

My latest try at M104, the Sombrero Galaxy via /r/spaceporn

My first attempt at star trails from smartphone via /r/spaceporn

M51 in 2 hrs (OC) via /r/spaceporn

Sunrise or sunset via /r/spaceporn

Friday, April 9, 2021

Saturn via /r/spaceporn

Since y’all liked the picture here’s the video :) via /r/spaceporn

Night sky in Australia, Watagans National Park [OC] [3024 x 4032] via /r/spaceporn

My image of the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, a spiral galaxy 15 million light years away. Zoom in to see all the background galaxies. [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Space Station View of Sun Over Earth From Space via /r/spaceporn

My attempt to recreate the Sombrero Galaxy (Blender Cycles) via /r/spaceporn

this is so pretty via /r/spaceporn

Messier 106 [5000 × 2625] | Image Credit: NASA, Hubble Legacy Archive, Kitt Peak National Observatory; Amateur Data & Processing Copyright: Robert Gendler via /r/spaceporn

I just spent a week and a half in a campervan looking for the darkest skies in New Zealand. Needless to say, I'm very tired and would like my own bed now. via /r/spaceporn

Threads of NGC 1947 [1280 × 1448] | Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, D. Rosario; Acknowledgment: L. Shatz via /r/spaceporn

Mars and the Pleiades Beyond Vinegar Hill [2000 × 1654] | Image Credit & Copyright: Kristine Richer via /r/spaceporn

A Day On Mars via /r/spaceporn

IC 405 and IC 410 in the constellation Auriga. These nebulae are 1500 light-years and more than 10000 light-years away from earth. via /r/spaceporn

Space is soo Beautiful. OMG . via /r/spaceporn

Moon through my Orion Skyquest telescope via /r/spaceporn

M66 - Leo Triplet (LRGB, 2.5h) via /r/spaceporn

[OC] Milky Way from Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, New Zealand via /r/spaceporn

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Read about the " Saturn On Steroids " from the link in comments. via /r/spaceporn

Voyager 1 just broke through the heliosphere. via /r/spaceporn

I camped in Alabama Hills, CA for the past 4 days. I brought a spacesuit with me so I could take photos like this. via /r/spaceporn

St Margrets milkyway via /r/spaceporn

Glow in the dark, epoxy resin Nebula Space art, OC via /r/spaceporn

M81 - Mr. Bode's Galaxy among the integrated flux nebula via /r/spaceporn

Milky Way over Kebler Pass, CO via /r/spaceporn

Mickey Mouse crater on Mercury! via /r/spaceporn

The image shows a portion of Messier 11 (M11), which is also known as the Wild Duck Cluster because the brightest stars create a "V" shape that resemble wild ducks in flight. via /r/spaceporn

The heart and the soul of the mountain. via /r/spaceporn

Jupiter 2020 in HD via /r/spaceporn

Selene Moon Base via /r/spaceporn

Beach shack with a crappy iPhone via /r/spaceporn

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Sombrero Galaxy via /r/spaceporn

Nile River Valley viewed from the International Space Station via /r/spaceporn

[OC] A Northern Lights display over a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada via /r/spaceporn

These selfies of NASA's Mars helicopter with the Perseverance rover are just amazing via /r/spaceporn

“Veil Nebula: Wisps of an Exploded Star” by ESA/Hubble & NASA, Z. Levay via /r/spaceporn

Last Summer's Comet Neowise in Grand Teton National Park, caught a bit of airglow as well and a passing satellite via /r/spaceporn

I found this super interesting picture of a galaxy 27 million light years away via /r/spaceporn

I drove an hour into the middle of nowhere to get into Bortle 1 skies. Not perfect conditions; but close. via /r/spaceporn

I took a picture of the Sadr Region with a DSLR from my backyard via /r/spaceporn

Cygnus region fading above highest peak in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav (REPROCESSED) via /r/spaceporn

MilkyWay from the Himalayas. via /r/spaceporn