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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I somehow turned the entire universe white in Universe sandbox 2....... via /r/spaceporn

Cygnus region and Aurora Borealis in Saskatchewan [OC] via /r/spaceporn

"A United Launch Alliance Delta IV-Heavy rocket carrying a National Reconnaissance Office payload launches Aug. 28, 2013, from Space Launch Complex-6 at Vandenberg Air Force Base" in California, United States of America (USA). Photographer: Joe Davila, United States Air Force (USAF) [2400x3000] [OS] via /r/spaceporn

NGC6334, The Cat’s Paw Nebula [4038 x 3976] via /r/spaceporn

Lisa Price's Finger-Painted Nebulae! What do you think? via /r/spaceporn

The Triangulum Galaxy, M33 & The Meteor. Credit: Aman Chokshi. via /r/spaceporn

The crescent Earth rises above the lunar horizon, taken from the Apollo 17 spacecraft in lunar orbit during final lunar landing mission in the Apollo program. Credits: NASA [1920x1920] via /r/spaceporn

Monday, April 29, 2019

Earth's atmosphere has a "reddish brownish layer...made of O and OH and is only seen in certain areas," says NASA Astronaut Terry W. Virts, Jr. This layer was photographed from the ISS on 14 May 2015 at 22:05:42 GMT while the ISS was over the Indian Ocean (latitude 5.4, longitude 50.6). [4928x3280] via /r/spaceporn

Hubble has produced an unprecedented image of the central region of spiral galaxy NGC 2903. Credit:NASA/ESA via /r/spaceporn

Clearest image ever taken of Saturn. via /r/spaceporn

Scientific stimulation of black hole consuming a neutron star. Credit: A. Tonita Rezzolla, F. Pannarale. via /r/spaceporn

This is my first post in here! Hope u enjoyed it ;) via /r/spaceporn

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sombrero Galaxy. One of my favorite astrophotography targets [OC] via /r/spaceporn

HH-222 (The waterfall nebula) via /r/spaceporn

Clearest image ever taken of Saturn. via /r/spaceporn

I make (and then photograph) planets, Planet Butter, Made of peanut butter, butter, plastic containers via /r/spaceporn

The gorgeous Orion over Al Sadeem Observatory in Abu Dhabi, UAE. [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Saturn, with hexagonal storm clouds via /r/spaceporn

The Moon this week. 75 stacked images. My best so far. via /r/spaceporn

Watching the Solar Eclipse in Winnipeg, February 26, 1979. via /r/spaceporn

Friday, April 26, 2019

I created an ambient light out of an SDSS telescope plate. (Album/Details in comments) [OC] via /r/spaceporn

M8 - the Lagoon Nebula [7324 x 7519] via /r/spaceporn

Milky Way over Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park via /r/spaceporn

Southern Cross to Eta Carinae by Carlos Fairbairn [1699 x 1071] via /r/spaceporn

Phobos, Mars' moon, from the surface of the Mars. Credit: NASA / JPL / MSSS / Justin Cowart [840x1050] via /r/spaceporn

"Large, eruptive prominence in He II at 304Å, with an image of the Earth added for size comparison. This prominence from 24 July 1999 is particularly large and looping, extending over 35 Earths out from the Sun," writes National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). [1336 x 1493] [OS] via /r/spaceporn

Southern Cross to Eta Carinae Image Credit & Copyright: Carlos Fairbairn [1024x645] via /r/spaceporn

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Crescent Nebula . Credit:Hubble, NASA via /r/spaceporn

NASA Rocket Illustration I Made via /r/spaceporn

I make (and then photograph) planets, for spring, I made one of with flowers, seeds, dirt via /r/spaceporn

The Rho Ophiuchi Complex over some Saskatchewan trees [OC] via /r/spaceporn

I took this picture with my phone. Does anyone know how i can edit it just so that i can see more information from it ?Thanks. via /r/spaceporn

Ice Giant With Rings via /r/spaceporn

[OC] Testing my telescope and go this moon image, sorry if its cliche via /r/spaceporn

A NASA Project Mercury spacecraft was test launched at 11:15 AM EST on April 25, 1961 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in a test designed to qualify the Mercury Spacecraft and all systems, which must function during orbit and reentry from orbit. [2395 x 2971] via /r/spaceporn

Starry Starry Night - Superior, Arizona. [OC] via /r/spaceporn

NGC 2442 (the Meathook Galaxy), an intermediate spiral galaxy about 50 million light years away in the constellation Volans. [1200 x 680] (image credit: Hubble) via /r/spaceporn

IC 1340, part of the supernova remnant Cygnus Loop [7794 x 6916] via /r/spaceporn

Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Villa la Angostura, Argentina via /r/spaceporn

Night Sky and Lightpollution, Orion constellation in the centre [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Nightsky and light pollution. Orion constellation in the center. via /r/spaceporn

Is this allowed here? PSR J0835-4510's (Vela Pulsar's) soundporn via /r/spaceporn

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Falcon 9 spent first stage on it's way home. [OC] via /r/spaceporn

Starry Night, Puerto Rico via /r/spaceporn

Is a black hole like that via /r/spaceporn

You can also see Saturn during the day if you know where to look. This was taken from my backyard at 7am [OC] via /r/spaceporn

The Pleaides Star Cluster/M45/the Seven Sisters in Infrared (R=24, G=12, B=4.6 microns). It spans about 20 light-years in the constellation of the Bull(Taurus) credit:NASA, WISE, IRSA. via /r/spaceporn

In celebration of the 29th anniversary of the launch of NASAs Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers captured this festive, colorful look at the tentacled Southern Crab Nebula. The nebula is located several thousand light-years from Earth in the southern hemisphere constellation of Centaurus[1707x2000] via /r/spaceporn