Tuesday, December 31, 2019

NGC 1706 [3814x1909]

https://go.nasa.gov/2u1bCeL via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ZDIO80

I started seriously pursuing astrophotography about one year ago. Here are my best shots from 2019. Looking forward to learning more in 2020 [OC]

http://bit.ly/2u1CH1o via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QbmGyy

Perspective: The Size of Venus Compared to the Moon as Seen From Earth

http://bit.ly/2QyrKMs via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QciDC4

[OC] One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand. Southern Cross to the right side.

http://bit.ly/36gehiT via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2F6yQCy

Earth at night from 60,000 km away

http://bit.ly/2Sjiyya via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QePjv1

Horsehead Nebula Wide Field [OS][OC]

http://bit.ly/2ZLA4N5 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QEZ2ti

As 2019 ends I'd like to share with you my last astrophoto of the year. The constellation auriga is full of amazing nebula. Happy New year!

http://bit.ly/36fJsea via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2tgaZ0C

A photo taken yesterday by Astronaut Christina Koch from the International Space Station

http://bit.ly/2rFmOwO via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/36pRiSw

A crescent Earth seen from Apollo 12 lunar orbit 50 years ago

http://bit.ly/2tmPTNX via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MI7cQo

A deep look at Orion's Belt

http://bit.ly/39tyX9i via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ML0o4B

Saturn's moons, Enceladus and Tethys line up almost perfectly for Cassini's cameras.

http://bit.ly/2ZDnAXG via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QdBKMk

u/OkeWoke took this 33 hour exposure of the Horsehead and Flame Nebula from their backyard

http://bit.ly/36eIQ8T via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2SCmp9E

'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse on 12/26/19 in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

http://bit.ly/2FeTRuJ via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MJ6cM5

'Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse (see comment)

http://bit.ly/2ZEyvAm via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/35by9Cw

'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse on 12/26/19 in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia.

http://bit.ly/36bEW0k via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MKG57n

A full Moon rising over a frigid Hudson Bay in northern Canada.

https://go.nasa.gov/2ZEuRXc via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QbOsed

Nearly all of humanity will never see space from this vantage. How many of you dream of experiencing space?

http://bit.ly/2QfP7M5 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/37sVG3E

Orion, Andromeda and the Pleiades with a 35mm lens [OC]

http://bit.ly/2sAkoQD via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QyPiRx

This ultraviolet Hubble movie shows the ring aurora on Jupiter and the silhouette and shadow of its moon Europa. You can also see the magnetic footprint of Io, just ahead of the aurora.

http://bit.ly/2FaakR7 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QwkBw8

Monday, December 30, 2019

Captured the brightest moon i have ever seen. 8:00 pm (Iphone 6s)

http://bit.ly/359ZbKF via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MHTLA9

Colliding Galaxy 3 (Another Perspective), galaxy collision going on (galaxy id CFR00001003), Me, 2019

http://bit.ly/2F65Af4 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Qx0AWd

The 2019 sky - onwards to 2020! [OC]

http://bit.ly/2ZEr38H via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2F5P9iS

Watching the moonrise over Monument Valley was a sublime experience [OC]

http://bit.ly/2tiPHzi via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2F9j49X

New images from Hubble telescope of Uranus (left) and Neptune (right). Uranus in particular looks nothing like the featureless orb it did in the 1986 Voyager flyby.

http://bit.ly/2spNuSV via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/39relhX

Andromeda and M33 with a 35mm lens [OC]

http://bit.ly/37lOsy1 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/36bjWGV

Dumbbell Nebula

http://bit.ly/2sx9jja via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ME6Mus

Orion from Northeastern US

http://bit.ly/39qyHbe via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ti8BGw

Approaching to the Intimidating Jupiter.

http://bit.ly/2ZAwsNK via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MJnybD

A 2.5 Hour Exposure of the Rho Ophiuchi Region From a Dark Sky Site [OC]

http://bit.ly/2tjq2Xb via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ZBnRul

Got this the other night. Anyone able to confirm what the central part of the shot is, and what looks like to be a galaxy in the top right?

http://bit.ly/37nIUmR via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Quoxh3

The clearest image of Mars ever taken!

http://bit.ly/31TZ0me via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ZHfyx5

It’s not perfect, but I caught the moon, first star, and sunset on a flight. [OC]

http://bit.ly/2u67BG7 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MG6UJY

u/TheVastReaches used an amateur telescope to collect light for 13 hours, revealing this beautiful image of a pair of galaxies

http://bit.ly/2YQcKx2 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QagzuD

The needle galaxy is nearly 50 million light-years away. Reddit user chucksastro used 11 hours of exposure time to capture this image from his backyard.

http://bit.ly/2ZybnDQ via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2QcoS9j

Jupiter from the Cassini spacecraft

http://bit.ly/2MFqXbj via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MITw82

The "Dolphin" spotted on Jupiter by NASA's Juno spacecraft during a flyby conducted on 29th October 2018

http://bit.ly/2swOHaL via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/37mtU8Q

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

http://bit.ly/2ZyskxS via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2u50iOX

Cassini Spacecraft Crosses Saturn's Ring Plane Credit: NASA, ESA, JPL, ISS, Cassini Imaging Team; Processing: Fernando Garcia Navarro

http://bit.ly/2MUJAbJ via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/39rBL6H

A (rightfully!) quite famous picture, Saturn eclipsing the sun in natural colors.

http://bit.ly/2QylILE via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ZxZQnQ

Jupiter never ceases to amaze me. Just the idea of this ball of gas resembling a Van Gogh painting floating in an endless void is so hard to wrap the mind around

http://bit.ly/2ZAjiQR via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2rDjbrf

“Kolchimsky Stone” by Vasily Yakovlev

http://bit.ly/2svAPxB via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MGrbPx

This is Enceladus

http://bit.ly/2ZyskxS via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/357QEI6

Flaming Star Nebula painted by me with watercolor and gouache [OC]

http://bit.ly/2SBQyG8 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2MD63d9

Andromeda with a 35 mm lens [OC]

http://bit.ly/2F130qQ via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/37gJrqH

An ordinary day on Mars. Seen by Curiosity Rover.

http://bit.ly/2Q4cl85 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Q9d1bG


http://bit.ly/2swOHaL via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/36dMwb2

The last solar eclipse "ring of fire" the day after Christmas. Sri Lanka

http://bit.ly/2MEFPGY via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/39oeYcb

Tracks on Mars

https://go.nasa.gov/2QyB178 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Q3Z3YJ

The Moon and Venus behind some coconut trees

http://bit.ly/2ZwTrcN via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ME8iwR

I made an 8K wallpaper of some of my favorite Deep Sky Objects I've photographed throughout 2019. This image represents over 100 hours of long exposure. [OC]

http://bit.ly/2QwMrrZ via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/355Gs2H