Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video

Leonard Cohen - Democracy

Gathering of Moons [1014 x 1014]

https://go.nasa.gov/2BU4Klf via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2otOmAK

A wind turbine farm outside of Chicago [2087 x 2608] [OC]

http://bit.ly/2FyDb0J via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EXLlPi

WISE Captures the Unicorn's Rose [4600 x 5200]

https://go.nasa.gov/2HNhhYe via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2GQuT3Y

Aurora Borealis over the Pacific Northwest, taken by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and ESA astronaut Tim Peake from the ISS [2016][4928x3280]

http://bit.ly/2ovjiAm via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2oAb2yl

Kura Tawhiti in Canterbury, New Zealand, looks off-worldly at night [OC] [3600x2018]

http://bit.ly/2EYgBxm via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2FzOk1s

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Crescent Earth photographed from Lunar orbit in 1971 by Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden [5438x5438]

http://bit.ly/2onG6Cg via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ovsiVe

On Second Thought, the Moon's Water May Be Widespread and Immobile [6400x3600]

http://bit.ly/2F65hmj via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2sSyBb5

A technician works on the European Service Module that will propel the Orion spacecraft in space and provide air, water and electricity for future crews. [1920 x 918]

https://go.nasa.gov/2FtvYPq via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EV581x

The Rosette Nebula from my backyard [OC][3254x2493]

http://bit.ly/2CGmvBv via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ESdYS4

Hazy morning hike up Kalalau Valley on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, HI [OC][1368x2048][COMPOSITE]

http://bit.ly/2CiT2ls via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2sWKgFS

The surface of the Moon seen from Lunar Orbiter 3, 1967 [2095 x 2811]

http://bit.ly/2sSfZYH via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2F3m49y

Hubble Looks At Stunning Spiral [1280 × 1238]

http://bit.ly/2ow1Xqk via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CiHRJd

A single exposure of a moonbow I caught while camping [5472x3648]

http://bit.ly/2ovH1j7 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CjgCOG

Friday, February 23, 2018

Milky way over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota [2048x987]

http://bit.ly/2onwjfb via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ov1YdX

Apollo 15 Crescent Earth [991x1008]

http://bit.ly/2opV76r via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2otHvWP

In the Grip of the Scorpion's Claw - reflection nebula DG 129 [4801 x 4801]

https://go.nasa.gov/2ENmNZ5 via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2FrUlgI

A Supernova through Galaxy Dust - [3989x3624]

http://bit.ly/2osq0GF via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2om5Oa5

Moon Surface Table by Harrow [1132x1100]

http://bit.ly/2otabiP via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2Cgy8mP

The remnant of a supernova that occurred 160,000 light years from Earth. The stellar explosion would have been visible in the Southern Hemisphere around 1600. [1280 × 996]

http://bit.ly/2BLMoTt via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CfxuWy

SpaceX’s First Broadband Satellites In Space [800x 468]

http://bit.ly/2CezdeV via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2oqvnpK

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Milky Way in August. After months of cycling under the midnight sun of Norway, the first dark and clear night of the season was worth the wait. [1500x966][OC]

http://bit.ly/2sIdGao via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2F21syi

View of Earth from Apollo 8 [5700x5800]

http://bit.ly/2CFNKME via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ENKIvt

Braved the cold last night to get this image of The Great Orion Nebula through my friend's 14" telescope. (6916x5371) [OC]

http://bit.ly/2sTyBrt via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EZCjoc

Apollo 15 Earthrise [2000x3996]

http://bit.ly/2sKgcgD via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EVJVYN

Enceladus among stars [1024x1024]

http://bit.ly/2Cbl6XG via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2BJhxa5

Zeta Ophiuchi -- Runaway Star Plowing through Space Dust [4095 x 4095]

https://go.nasa.gov/2sMmGLY via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EXEM2k

22 hour exposure of Bode's Galaxy and Starburst Galaxy reveals surrounding dust in space [OC] [4000x4000]

http://bit.ly/2EJdE7U via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CzF8Xz

Two Panthers [OC] [COMPOSITE] [1350x1080]

http://bit.ly/2HAu2oW via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2CDkINA

Cassiopeia A [1835 x 1348]

https://go.nasa.gov/2FkFapk via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2GyEMTK

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

David Bowie - Modern Love

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Milky Way over Canary Islands, Spain [2048x1056]

http://bit.ly/2sGNNrA via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2EYXMgT

The Milky Way as the first hint of sunlight began along the Colorado River. Nelson, NV [4800x3300][OC]

http://bit.ly/2ooW3Hd via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ogKwul

My favorite, The Tarantula Nebula! [1024x829]

https://go.nasa.gov/2BHKDXt via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2ogpxIg

Hubble Captures Wide View of Supernova 1987A [1823 x 2000]

http://bit.ly/2ELoTgc via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2BJAeuC

Messier 101 (Spitzer, Hubble and Chandra) [7200 x 7200]

https://go.nasa.gov/2GujNkE via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2FjwTSE

My favorite, the Tarantula Nebula! [1024x829]

http://bit.ly/2CzIb2h via /r/spaceporn http://bit.ly/2HAf02M