Saturday, April 30, 2016

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Sunset in Broome, Western Australia [OC] [5184 x 3456] via /r/SkyPorn

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Moon over Makemake

Makemake, second brightest dwarf planet of the Kuiper belt, has a moon. Nicknamed MK2, Makemake's moon reflects sunlight with a charcoal-dark surface, about 1,300 times fainter than its parent body. Still, it was spotted in Hubble Space Telescope observations intended to search for faint companions with the same technique used to find the small satellites of Pluto. Just as for Pluto and its satellites, further observations of Makemake and orbiting moon will measure the system's mass and density and allow a broader understanding of the distant worlds. About 160 kilometers (100 miles) across compared to Makemake's 1,400 kilometer diameter, MK2's relative size and contrast are shown in this artist's vision. An imagined scene of an unexplored frontier of the Solar System, it looks back from a spacecraft's vantage as the dim Sun shines along the Milky Way. Of course, the Sun is over 50 times farther from Makemake than it is from planet Earth. via NASA

Waterfall in the Ozark foothills (Pineville, MO)(OC)[640X800] via /r/EarthPorn

Sault Ste Marie, MI - walking home from work and snapped a pic of this on my phone. [2364x1330] via /r/SkyPorn

Flowing water at Lucia Falls from my hike today. Lucia Falls, Yacolt, Washington. [OC] [5312 x 2988] via /r/EarthPorn

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Sunset from atop a hill in Howth, Ireland [4000x6000] via /r/SkyPorn

Standing on the shores of Kailua Beach Park, Hawaii [OC] [10778 × 3628] via /r/EarthPorn

Sunset from atop a hill in Howth, Ireland [4000x6000] via /r/EarthPorn


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My Trip to the End of the Earth. Big Sur, California. OC. Unedited. [2448x2448] via /r/EarthPorn

Sunrise at Coolangatta, Queensland [1500x738] [OC] via /r/SkyPorn

The Southern Sky from Victoria, Australia js

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The Maldives is pretty awesome [OC] [5184x3456] via /r/EarthPorn

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Sunset I found in Cornwall, England caught on iPad mini [1024x768] via /r/SkyPorn

The Skok waterfall last September, High Tatras, Slovakia [OC] [3456x2304] via /r/EarthPorn

Hubble Looks Into a Cosmic Kaleidoscope : This cosmic...

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Meltwater from Mt Baker feeds Boudler Creek [OC][2000x1125) via /r/EarthPorn

The Plains of Battambang, Cambodia [5010 x 3340] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

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Hickson 91 in Piscis Austrinus : Scanning the skies for...

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Sunset in Lincoln City, OR [1763x990] [OC] via /r/SkyPorn

Endeavour space shuttle, lifting through the clouds during its final launch in May 2011, captured from a nearby NASA shuttle training aircraft.[OS][1500x1456] via /r/SkyPorn

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What is your favorite National Park to visit? Horseshoe Bend Sunset, Paige Arizona [OC] [6000x3456] via /r/EarthPorn

The Clear Water of Lake Erskine, Fiordland [OC] [2048x1365] via /r/EarthPorn

NASA released a new high-resolution earthrise image, captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter [2048 x 2048] via /r/spaceporn

Probably the best photo I've taken. Eagle Creek, OR. [OC] [4000x6016] via /r/EarthPorn

Sunset at Great Fountain Geyser, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. (1200x800) by Jerry Mercier via /r/SkyPorn

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Globular Cluster M56 js

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Recently traveled to Malta and this is one of the best pictures I've taken. [Ghar Lapsi] [3840×2160] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

Saturn’s hexagonal storm js

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Ha'ena, Kaua'i sunrise [1080 x 1920] [OC] [OS] via /r/SkyPorn

2nd Shot at English Crossing, TX [OC][5400x3200] via /r/EarthPorn

Perfectly still water at Obersee next to Königssee in Bavaria [OC] [1024x768] via /r/EarthPorn

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God must be a Starwars fan because this looks like a lightsaber. Antelope Canyon Arizona, Page Arizona [OC] [1000x1500] via /r/EarthPorn

Sun setting on Big Bend [OC] [4928x3264] via /r/SkyPorn

Kakabeh hills, Coorg, India [OC] [4320*2432] via /r/EarthPorn

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[3872×2315] [OC] Skyrim, Utah (/r/skyrim suggested this x-post) Big Cottonwood Canyon via /r/EarthPorn

A bend in the Brazos River from above. Dinosaur Valley State Park, TX. [OC][2048x1365] via /r/EarthPorn

Night reflections of Yosemite Fall, Yosemite National Park, California | by Kotomi Ito. [2048x1367] via /r/EarthPorn

I took this photo of the Dead Sea from the side of the highway in Israel. I had no idea a desolate wasteland could still be so beautiful. [4150x1697] via /r/EarthPorn