Monday, February 29, 2016

An Indonesian fisherman floating in an inner tube against the backdrop of Java's volcanos [1555x1037] [OC] via /r/SkyPorn

Grand Canyon under stormy weather [2000x1333] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

Fire of the Heavens - Sandpoint, Idaho [OC] [6016 x 4016] via /r/SkyPorn

Julius Caesar and Leap Days

Today, February 29th, is a leap day - a relatively rare occurrence. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar, featured here in a self-decreed minted coin, created a calendar system that added one leap day every four years. Acting on advice by Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes, Caesar did this to make up for the fact that the Earth's year is slightly more than 365 days. In modern terms, the time it takes for the Earth to circle the Sun is slightly more than the time it takes for the Earth to rotate 365 times (with respect to the Sun -- actually we now know this takes about 365.24219 rotations). So, if calendar years contained 365 days they would drift from the actual year by about 1 day every 4 years. Eventually July (named posthumously for Julius Caesar himself) would occur during the northern hemisphere winter! By adopting a leap year with an extra day every four years, the calendar year would drift much less. This Julian Calendar system was used until the year 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII provided further fine-tuning when he added that leap days should not occur in years ending in "00", unless divisible by 400. This Gregorian Calendar system is the one in common use today. via NASA

Wyoming Leap Day Sunset [1920 x 704] via /r/SkyPorn

Redwoods at Muir Woods National Monument [1365x2048] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

Rays of Autumn by Ingmar Hoogerhoud [2000x1333] via /r/EarthPorn

The Fire of the Heavens [OC] [6016 x 4016] via /r/SkyPorn

meow irl via /r/MEOW_IRL

California meets the Pacific. [OC] [1800x2700] via /r/SkyPorn

I made a map of Mars! [OC] [2000x2667] via /r/spaceporn

meow irl via /r/MEOW_IRL

I moved from Indiana to Washington and took a photo of the first state park we passed in WA. Deception Falls [2448x3264] via /r/EarthPorn

Up Up & Away, Big Bend National Park by Jesse Sewell js

via Just Space

Aurora in Iceland during the Solar Maximum [3840x2160] via /r/spaceporn

15 Amazing Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's Year in Space [515 x 343] via /r/spaceporn

I climbed around the slot canyons inside Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, CA recently. What a cool place. [oc][2048x1357] via /r/EarthPorn

Spiral galaxy NGC 4911 in the Coma Cluster js

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Washington State strikes again [6256x2518][OC] via /r/EarthPorn

The Lagoon Nebula in Hydrogen Sulfur and Oxygen : The...

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"His body was brown like rusty iron, and his hair hung over his face down to his knees." -- October Night Sky, San Isabel National Forest, Colorado [OC] [2000 x 1333] via /r/SkyPorn

View from a plane at the peak of Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand [OC] [5312 x 2988] [Galaxy S5] via /r/SkyPorn

Land's End, Cornwall, UK [OC] [3264, 2448] via /r/EarthPorn

Kathy's Sunrise taken from the first overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway [OC] reduced to [1500x1000] via /r/SkyPorn

Meow Irl via /r/MEOW_IRL

Canada never ceases to take my breath away. Lake Louise, Alberta. [OC][3622 x 2362] via /r/EarthPorn

Beautiful scene in Mill Creek Park. Youngstown, Ohio. [6000 x 4000] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [1611 x 911] via /r/SkyPorn

Above Lofoten. Norway. [1600x1068] Photo by Daniel Kordan via /r/EarthPorn

Beautiful night sky over Jkulsrln, Iceland js

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Death Valley National Park superbloom [OC] [3629 × 2419] via /r/EarthPorn

Fimmvörðuháls. Iceland. June 2015. [2448x3264] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

The Bear in Upper Antelope Canyon | Page, AZ | [OC] [4608x3456] via /r/EarthPorn

Images of Earth from a Year in Space (30 photos)

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Beautiful view from Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio. [6000 x 4000] via /r/EarthPorn

NGC 520 - The product of a collision between two disc galaxies...

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Meow irl via /r/MEOW_IRL

View from my "office" this morning. Bartlett, NH. [2048x1152] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

Rare Full Moon through Martinsloch, Switzerland [OC][5472x3648] via /r/EarthPorn

Amazing Yosemite Firefalls from a n00b perspective [1365x2047] via /r/EarthPorn


NASA's Search for Extreme Life in Chile's Mars-Like Atacama Desert

via The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel: Sci, Space, Tech

Milky Way's Enigmatic Central Zone --"No Place Else In the Galaxy Remotely Like It"

via The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel: Sci, Space, Tech

Arctic night skiing, with a cinematic view.. Just don't forget your rifle ;) [OC] [6016 x 4016] via /r/EarthPorn

meow irl via /r/MEOW_IRL

Taken somewhere in Ireland, 2014 [OC] [4576x2576] via /r/EarthPorn

Stars ripped the night sky [OC] [4928x3264] via /r/SkyPorn

Morning over Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO [OC] [5312x2988] via /r/SkyPorn

Mount Rainier under a starry sky [1365×2048] Photographed by Bryan Buchanan via /r/EarthPorn

Earth from Space

via ESA Top News