Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waystation - Refuge and School - Journeys Through Outer Worlds

Waystation - Refuge and School - Journeys Through Outer Worlds

The city we are staying in is going through great turmoil
Giants of light and darkness in conflict with themselves and others
I offer to use the Waystation as a school for their children
A kind of neutral ground where cooperation and learning can be achieved
Between darkness and light — We divide the layout even more, hiding the living areas
The secret places of power, doorways and windows to Earth and Heaven, Hell

At first Sophia is upset about our new role as teachers for faery creatures and people
But there is a shortcut that she can use from the entrance to her rooms and treasures
Sophia helps me run the Waystation as best we can together — I give her a key
She brings a few things and people she loves from Earth and we need more space
I divide the house of secrets into living areas and offices, classrooms and hidden places
A righteous demon wants to help our efforts -- I give him a little freedom in the house
But his help turns out to be more trouble than good, and Sophia wants him gone

People in the city of giants do not trust us at first, but I work to create a safe environment
For their children, away from the conflict in the streets and wilderness at the edge of the city
I teach all categories of human history and knowledge I am aware of — And we are a refuge
From the outside world — Local politicians come and sign off on the project, offering support
Resources to feed young minds and bodies — We even create an aquarium with rare fish
From Earth’s rivers, lakes, and oceans — We are a kind of emissary for human culture
Nature — Good will ambassadors of a sort, helping where we can to improve Earth’s image
And Humanity — If only to provide a safe place for people of the magical city of giants
Sometimes parents — Those who cannot go to the schools of the Wizards and Witches of Light
We are far away from the Wizard Island City, at least by conventional means of travel
Only a short jump through space-time for the Waystation, or through a dimensional doorway

Jealousy arises, despite my best efforts to be free
Green light surrounds me, love yet also darkness
Sophia tries to counsel me through the pain and sorrow
But she does not want to be a replacement, nor tied down
We travel together, that is all, nothing more — Yet friends
I hope — I trust her with my life and large control
Interest in the Waystation — She listens to Sophia
Even though I still love her, and she does not feel the same
Being with Sophia and doing good work in the Waystation together
Makes me happy and almost content, traveling the many worlds
We start a business together, providing refuge and education
For the children of giants and humans — Safe from the conflicts outside
Riots and battles — We are neutral ground, and a fast means of escape
To the Wizard City of Light, or anywhere else for that matter, for those
Who would otherwise be forced to face the magical war
Between the forces of light and darkness, hell and heaven, in the City of Giants

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wizard City - Voyages in the Waystation / Doorways and Windows - The School of Heroes

Wizard City - Voyages in the Waystation
Doorways and Windows - The School of Heroes

Along the boulevard of dreams, my love lost and perhaps one day regained
The magic city of wonders, darkness and light, meeting point
Even the shadows have their own stories to tell, if one knows
How to listen — Those with time and bravery enough to go
Into the dark places — By the river that passes from one world
To the next — I join a group of friends learning about the city
Ourselves, the river, universe of love and sorrow around us
Jasmine, Holly, Rosemary, Spring, Sophia, Sage, Laurel
Symbols and people, progression of human history here
In Eldren and on Earth — We watch from outside yet on the border
Between the lands of waking and of sleep — Earth and Faery
The play of the cosmic drama unfolding all around us, cosmic mysteries
Here in the Wizard City, island home of magicians and witches, gods and demons
Outside our home the Waystation, living building and space-time ship linking worlds
Places and moments beyond counting, yet all connected to humanity — Earth and Faery
The heavy rain comes, bringing life, growth, change, learning, becoming amidst being
As above so below — The World Tree’s roots soak in the water of life — Providing
Sustenance to countless worlds, universes, dimensions of reality — As we walk by
Shops, cafes, river and ocean boats, I contemplate the meaning of my life so far
Imagine what might be to come, beyond limits of certainty, staying open to mystery
I am happy to be able to spend even a little time with the people I care about and love
Finding a way to transcend despair and jealousy, confusion and shadow inside my soul
I am thankful for their companionship, energy, humor, love, and light — Journeys
Through the forests of this world and others, and through the cities of humanity and faeries
Among the clouds, castles floating in air, or on mountain trails bordering higher worlds
Universes of air and sky, portals to heavens, tunnels to hells — Underworld between
Middle worlds like Earth, home for humanity — We will return if we can, when we can
Awakening to the fabric of cosmos around us — Learning how to work for good and balance
Studying at the school of heroes, library of ancient and future secrets, knowledge of wisdom
We take our knowledge and wisdom back to Earth — Changing the course of human history
Destiny and progression — For the better — A more positive future, optimal version of reality
Helping humanity develop into better stewards of the Earth, civilization capable of standing
Against the tide of dark powers from beyond stars, shadow of the void between and inside us
Beth 2