Friday, June 21, 2013

Fragments of the Cosmic College / School, Temple, Mountains of Evolution

Fragments of the Cosmic College
School, Temple, Mountains of Evolution

Sophia joins me in the world of gods and demons
We sing songs and discuss ancient mysteries, myths, conflicts
Recurring and yet already settled, always in the eternal now of spirit
Becoming better through the constant art of synthesis of opposites
Compromise -- Sublimation of conflict through cooperation and love
Affection and compassion bridging the difference between darkness
And light, sun and moon, male and female, art and science, love and hate

Running through the snowstorm again, chased by birds
A handsome gentleman dressed in crimson clothing
Albino skin and crystal clear blue eyes -- On a journey
I call out to him, but immediately regret my action
He seems more dangerous the closer he gets, more
Than the black birds behind -- I still want to be friendly
But he looks at me with obvious antipathy and hatred

Sophia makes love to me in the Waystation, making things complicated
Not just between us, but also with other companions and friends
Mutual and separate roommates and guests of the Waystation
In its largest form, impersonating a church from the outside

Mountain Temple -- I climb through the deep underground tunnels
On my way to the top of the mountain paradise, holy waterfalls and cascades
Meeting place for friends, lovers, families -- Many words of magic and wonder
Planes of reality combining together to create a crossroads -- Center of myth

I find the entrance to the spiral staircase that leads to the summit
Temple of gods and demons, sacred ground, sanctuary for all sides
Of the eternal conflict between good and evil, light and darkness
Site of ancient and future power, connected to the heart of the Multiverse
Where we may find the world medicine to take back to our home
Helping our friends and family of the earth and sky and in between
Working for and towards Light, Balance, Truth, Love, Light, Life, Preservation
Against the chaos demons, serpents of the deep darkness, void beyond stars

We work with the gods and faeries forces of Light, Order in Chaos, Balance
The World of Eldren is our temporary yet eternal new home, yet we miss Earth
We try to return when we can, if we can -- Always there are ways between worlds
And there is much to do in many places, fighting and learning, loving and changing
In the school of the Wizards of Light, I gain strength through knowledge and wisdom
Traveling in the Waystation, my friends and I work for the good of our will and others

Beth 1