Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why the Right Wing Is Petrified of Letting Voters, Instead of the Electoral College, Pick Presidents | Election 2012 | AlterNet

“It is a completely faulty intellectual argument,” said NPV founder, Stanford University’s John Koza. “It is oblivious to the fact that the mob rules now. In the first presidential election, only five states let people vote for president. And many of the founders, like Alexander Hamilton in New York, were very happy that the people did not vote for president. But it was left up to the states if people voted for president, and now 100 percent of the states let people vote for president.”  

“So if you are against mob rule, you are against what we have now,” he continued. “The mob is Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, which dominate presidential elections. The question is whether there is some virtue in having the mob in 35 states ignored in preference to the mobs in 15 states. It is a completely silly argument.”

Getting rid of the electoral college sounds like a good idea to me ...

Monday, February 6, 2012

West Memphis 3: Freed Death Row Prisoner Makes Film about 18-Year Battle to Prove His Innocence - Democracy Now! - February 6, 2012

' vDemocracy Now! recently spoke with Echols in a rare extended interview at the Sundance Film Festival. "I didn’t have any faith in the justice system, because I had seen how corrupt it was, all the way to the core, from the inside. And that completely took away any faith I had in the system whatsoever," Echols said. “What I did have faith in was all the people that came to our aid, you know, the supporters and the investigators and everybody that rallied around us. That’s what I had faith in, and that’s why I believed I would eventually get out." '