Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love Everyone Often 07/31/2011

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of Historic Senate Session 2011-07-30 (21:34:14-22:14:17)

Kerry: Republicans Have Broken Our Governing Process

The 14th Amendment - Senator Sanders

'As the clock ticked toward a Tuesday deadline for raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke during a rare Saturday session to make the case for President Obama lifting the debt ceiling on his own by invoking a provision of the 14th Amendment. "The Constitution is very clear in saying that the debts of the United States 'shall not be questioned,' Sanders said.'

Senator Bernie Sanders: The American People are Angry

Nancy Pelosi: Speaker Boehner Chose To Go To The Dark Side

Leader Pelosi speaking on the House floor on Saturday, July 30th.


Little progress on US debt after a day of heated exchanges

Durbin Explains Debt Crisis

We bought EVERYTHING in a store.

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - Official Music Video

Love Everyone Often 07/30/2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Right-wing media strain to attack Obama over "compromise"

Nancy Pelosi In Opposition to the Republican Default Act

July 29th 2011: The Day In 100 Seconds

Democrats Urge Bipartisanship As Senate Rejects Boehner Proposal

US Senate kills Repulican debt plan

House Democrats After Passage of Boehner's Debt Limit Bill With 'Lightning Round' Ending About Jobs and the Budget - C-SPAN Video Library

Why are the majority of Democrats seemingly the only sane people in congress (with the exception of a few Senate Republicans)? This is no way to run a country. Instant runoff voting in elections and a parliamentary congressional system would help, I think.

Senate Democratic leaders spoke to reporters and answered questions following a caucus meeting on strategy toward legislation of deficit reduction and the debt ceiling.

Non-crazy Senate Republicans are apparently the last line of defense against a catastrophic economic collapse. Elections have consequences. Both sides are not the same.

Republican Senators Signal They Want Compromise

Democratic Leaders: Senate Compromise Will Avoid Catastrophe

Love Everyone Often 07/29/2011

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